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Sionjewelry Ring Size Guide

Measuring someone's ring size or even yours can be daunting. To make this easier, we prepared a simple guide for determining the correct ring size.

Whichever method you choose, here are some important tips for choosing a wedding ring size:

  • Make sure the ring you are about to buy fits comfortably on your finger.

  • The ring should be tight enough against your finger to not fall off easily but also not too tight and hurts your finger.

  • Measure your ring size several times to be more accurate.

Measure with your Finger

  1. Cut a piece of paper that is 15cm long and 0.5cm wide.

  2. Wrap the paper around your finger.

  3. Mark the end of the roll according to the diameter of your finger. This mark will be used as a reference for determining the size of your finger.

  4. Each finger is a different size. So make sure to measure your ring with the correct finger.

  5. Measure the length from the tip of the paper to the mark you made and match it to the following table.